Juraj Mitas


PostCard - A collection of a postcard like pictures from around the world


In this project I am part of Music Production which creates unique Ambient, Chillout, Electronica music.


I am focusing on Music Management and Visual aspects of Internet & everyday life such as Videos, Photos, Web Design an more.




Apple & Stone (Ongoing Project)


This project is about documenting of construction of Megacomplex CITY ARENA TRNAVA. This development includes football / soccer arena & construction of Shopping Mall.


Main focus goes to creation of YouTube documentary videos + taking detailed photographies.



Here is a Showcase of some promo videos created for some of my websites


Digi Doggie (Product Promo)


Apple & Stone (Two Home Studio Promo Videos)



City Arena Trnava - Fansite (Ongoing Project)


Promo Videos


Aircam [DRONE] Videos


Here is the early showcase of my first DRONE videos.

As my current work focus on documenting a construction of football / soccer arena in Trnava. I use this opportunity to do exciting flights above this rising stadium.



My Videos


Some of my selected videos from the past.

Mostly recorded in London, England and some them in Ireland.


Recorded with a consumer camera.



Contact: j.mitas @ mac.com Copyright 2006 - 2015